Positive Lifestyle Program

London Centre of Hope
281 Wellington St
London, ON
N6B 2L4
519-432-9553 ext 3
Fax: 519-432-6306
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
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Probation officers, community partners, lawyers and self referral

Eligibility - Population(s) Served

People affected by the Justice System or "at risk" of becoming involved in the Justice System




Michele Hines - Program Counsellor



Area(s) Served



W_wheelchair.gif Wheelchair Accessible

Accessibility Note

Entrance through back parking lot

Description of Services:

Positive Lifestyle Program - Individual and group support and practical services for persons at risk of becoming involved with or who have been involved with the criminal justice system * consists of ten workshops adapted from the Life Skills Program 

Compulsive Shoplifting Program - Program based on strengthening the sense of self, increasing sense of control and self-awareness, understanding the effects of shoplifting, eliminating barriers to changing behaviour, exploring coping strategies and making positive changes

Soul Food - Women prepare and share a meal together and participate in Bible-based discussion once a week

The Journey - 3-day retreat for women trapped in prostitution, addiction, or crime * opportunity for self-reflection, crafts, Bible-based discussion, and relaxation

Cornerstone Program and Drop-In - Community-based support program available to anyone involved in prostitution * participants support each other in a safe environment, provide links to community resources and services

Outreach - Practical follow-up support for clients referred from the Cornerstone or Positive Lifestyle Programs

Shoplifting Program - Thu 10:30am-12noon * group program for adults struggling with shoplifting and compulsive theft, with or without criminal charges
Sex Buyer  Accountability Program (John School) -  educational program for anyone arrested for or engaging in buying sex or struggling with a pornography addiction 

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