Craigwood Children, Youth and Family Services

520 Hamilton Rd
London, ON
N5Z 1S4
Crisis and Intake Line: 519-433-0334
Fax: 519-432-8964
Administration: Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
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Admission through Intake, Community Services Coordination Network, or the Justice System

Eligibility - Population(s) Served

Youth with mental health issues, 12-21 years of age, including young offenders and those with intellectual challenges


Free * set fee for some services


Graham Ashbourne - Executive Director


English ; French

Language Note

French counselling services available

Area(s) Served

Southwestern Ontario


N_wheelchair.gif Not Wheelchair Accessible

Accessibility Note

Alternate meeting space for accessibility requirements can be arranged

Description of Services:

Caregiver and children's services for youth with emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties, and their families

Out-of-home care services, day treatment, youth justice secure detention and secure custody for young women * community-based services such as intensive family in-home service, parent education and skills training, one-on-one and family mental health counselling, walk-in clinics
  • Family and Community Support Programs Integrated community-based response to youth with mental health issues, and their families
  • Intensive Out of Home Services Mental health treatment for youth who experience severe emotional, social and/or behavioural difficulties at home and/or in the community and who are unable to remain in the home full time or in a less intensive setting
  • Tandem Intake assessment, crisis intervention, brief solution focused counselling and support services for children and families with serious behavioural, emotional and social problems
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